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Torchbearers Mission


Torchbearers Mission Incorporated is a Ghanaian non-denominational missionary organization established in Accra, Ghana in 1988. The establishment of Torchbearers is the result of a burden that was laid upon the hearts of six Ghanaian Christians whose vision was to begin a movement that would have a commitment to reach out to people in Ghana, Africa and the rest of the world with the gospel of salvation through Christ Jesus. Torchbearers has been working towards this vision through missionary work, training and literacy programmes, among other activities.

To reach all unreached people-groups and places of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ with the aim of discipling them for Christian missions.

We motivate, mobilize, monitor, train and send people to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to all unreached people-groups and places of the world.

    • Torchbearers Programmes
    • Annual Missionary Convention
    • International School of Missions and leadership Development (ISOMALD)
    • Youth In Missions Everywhere
    • Research and Consultancy
    • Mission Awareness Programme
    • Missions Experience Campaign
    • Sports ministry
    • Literacy Ministry/Bookshop
    • Church Planting