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Senior Official Baptised, Accused, Vindicated, Promoted

A senior official in a ‘closed’ Asian country* faced a challenge beyond his political influence: his daughter was losing her sight and the doctors could do nothing for her. Then a man in white robes appeared to her: ‘You will get better and attend two art schools.’ The official reflected that the ‘man in white robes’ sounded rather like Jesus. The daughter got her sight back and, just as the man in white had told her, attended two art schools....

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  • Kurdistan in Northern Iraq

    Spiritually some great things are happening in Northern Iraq but there are not many Christians and it is not an easy harvest field. There are however numerous Christian NGOs...

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  • Two consultations in SE Asia

    Please pray for two regional Faith2Share consultations taking place in the next couple of weeks: a Whole-life Discipleship consultation in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 7–10 July;...

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  • Consultation in Amsterdam

    Faith2Share is gathering together leaders from some of the major European mission agencies for a consultation in Amsterdam from 26 to 28 June, to explore together the pressing...

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  • Youth work in DR Congo

    Rev Bisoke Balikenga, a CMS local partner, works in DR Congo as Coordinator of the Youth Work. Please pray for his work as he desires to visit all the dioceses in DR Congo,...

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