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COLLABORATION - We enable effective collaboration between organisations, focusing on key mission issues and opportunities.

Mission movements are the priority of Faith2Share and the accompanying, mentoring, consulting and resourcing of mission leaders is our focus. But it is the enabling of effective collaboration between organisations that drives the network forward. Our impact is so much greater when we focus on key mission issues and opportunities - demonstrating what working together can achieve:

  • building trust and understanding between senior leaders of mission movements and challenging them to actively collaborate in mission.
  • providing opportunities and systems for the effective sharing of mission resources between member agencies and within the wider mission community.
  • encouraging the establishment of, and then to partner with and support, new and emerging mission movements.

  • Faith2Share's role is to encourage collaboration, to facilitate ways of connecting so that opportunities for working together in mission can emerge and grow. The stories of partnership that have the biggest impact are so often those taking place quietly behind the scenes.

    God works together with those who love him to bring about what is good - with those who have been called according to his purpose.

    Romans 8:28

    We particularly encourage forms of collaboration and mission partnerships that challenge the systems, relationships and attitudes of dependency that still persist to this day. And we celebrate when we see organisations connecting who have not had the opportunities to learn from each other before:

    • In Odisha, India, the leader of a smaller mission agency asked a senior mission leader from Kenya to act as his mentor, after meeting at a Faith2Share event. There has already been a visit to Odisha where training was also given to 50 other local leaders – particularly focusing on mission in the context of persecution and poverty.
    • Faith2Share connected mission workers in India and Nepal with a Nigerian Church willing to part-fund international mission workers. A number of agreements have now been made which has multiplied and strengthened the impact of local Christian mission workers across the global South.

    As a leader of one of the larger mission networks, I commend the coming together of Global South and Global North mission movements within the Faith2Share network for the effective extension of God’s kingdom.

    Dr K Rajendran, WEA Mission Commission

    Working Together in D. R. Congo

    At the end of last year, Faith2Share brought together representatives from a number of mission agencies for a consultation in Kampala, Uganda. We’re delighted to report that this gathering resulted in a joint initiative between Faith2Share members SOMA UK and Church Army Africa who recently held leadership training together in D.R. Congo. The training programme was led by Capt. Joel Soti (Church Army Africa) and Canon Don Brewin (now Canon of Boga, D. R. Congo) with the participation of Bishop...

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    Manna Mission Joins Faith2Share

    Faith2Share is delighted to announce that Manna Mission has joined our network. Manna Mission has its roots in a work of God’s Spirit when hundreds of people in West Bengal came to know and follow Jesus Christ.The members of Manna Mission serve Jesus Christ and their neighbours in a wide range of inspiring ministries. “It’s shocking to know how many children [in West Bengal] do not have proper food, clothes and shelter,” writes Founder-President of Manna Mission Tushar Manna. The...

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