Global discipleship for a changing world
  • ​Faith2Share Leadership consultation Bangalore

    We would like to thank all of you who prayed for the 16th Faith2Share consultation in Bangalore that took place last week.We had almost 60... Read More >>>

  • Contextualisation in mission

    "The recent popularity of talk of contextualisation in mission is fatally flawed if it fails to take account of the universal church" claimed Rev.... Read More >>>

  • Interserve India celebrates week of prayer

    Faith2Share member Interserve India is celebrating a week of prayer for... Read More >>>

  • MANI 2016 (in Addis) inspires African leaders

    The Movement of African National Initiatives (MANI)... Read More >>>

Our mission is to enable effective collaborations between mission movements and leaders
– working together globally to share faith and change lives.

We Prioritise

...working together with mission movements from the global North and South who particularly demonstrate an intention of working together.

We Focus

...our support to mission leaders, creating new opportunities for them to connect, learn and grow in leadership.