Global discipleship for a changing world
  • An Unlikely Leader Emerges in Cambodia

    Faith2Share and our members know the importance of Christian leadership and we were thrilled to read a recent report from Faith2Share member Asian... Read More >>>

  • The Word of God bears fruit in India

    An indigenous mission in West Bengal has recently distributed more than 2,000 bibles in the local language... Read More >>>

  • Christian Care for Children in Myanmar

    Faith2Share has contact with many Christian workers who quietly serve others in practical witness to Christ. In Myanmar, many tribal parents lack... Read More >>>

  • African Mission Thinkers Gather in Nairobi

    Faith2Share’s Timothy Mazimpaka brought together a number of missionary practitioners and thinkers in Nairobi recently to consider theological... Read More >>>

Our mission is to enable effective collaborations between mission movements and leaders

– working together globally to share faith and change lives.

We Prioritise

...working together with mission movements from the global North and South who particularly demonstrate an intention of working together.

We Focus

...our support to mission leaders, creating new opportunities for them to connect, learn and grow in leadership.