Global discipleship for a changing world
  • Reciprocal Mission on the agenda

    The 2016 Global Mission Conference to be held in London this year will have 'Reciprocal Mission' firmly on its agenda. Hosted by St. James Church... Read More >>>

  • 172 trained for discipleship in West Bengal

    Just weeks after the Faith2Share Leadership Consultation in Bangalore one of our participants gathered 172 Indian leaders from... Read More >>>

  • Ukraine gets Bible in Tatar - and wins Eurovision 2016!

    The nation of Ukraine is in the headlines this week after a Crimean Tatar singer called Jamala won the Eurovision song contest last Sunday, with a... Read More >>>

  • ​Faith2Share Leadership consultation Bangalore

    We would like to thank all of you who prayed for the 16th Faith2Share consultation in Bangalore that took place last week.We had almost 60... Read More >>>

Our mission is to enable effective collaborations between mission movements and leaders
– working together globally to share faith and change lives.

We Prioritise

...working together with mission movements from the global North and South who particularly demonstrate an intention of working together.

We Focus

...our support to mission leaders, creating new opportunities for them to connect, learn and grow in leadership.