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Journey With Us To Encourage One Another and Build Each Other Up

Welcome to the Faith2Share Easter Appeal 2019.

As you may already know, the Faith2Share Leadership Consultation is a regular feature of the ministry. It is a gathering of our members across the world, many of whom are involved in community development, assisting the poorest and most marginalized members of society. This gathering is held in different countries every 18 months.

Between March 29 and April 5 2019, the latest Faith2Share gathering took place in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi is a strategic location for Faith2Share, not only because Kenya is home to a good number of our members and partners, but it is strategically positioned for Christian mission across East Africa and the whole continent. Blessed with natural resources, it is also intrinsically linked with East African revival. Even though it is one of the most developed and safe countries in East Africa, Kenya has seen its fair share of political turmoil and has become a target for certain Islamist terrorist groups.

The goals of an event like this are always multi-faceted but included having a broader and deeper understanding of the mission context in Kenya and sharing the most effective methods of discipleship globally. Always grounded in prayer, the time spent was specifically focused on individual needs and the specific circumstances of the delegates so that there can be a meaningful impact when they return home. We know from previous experience that the results can be astounding and we praise God for that.

This is why we are asking for your help in enabling future consultations.

Each consultation has to be located somewhere with the right facilities, accommodation and ministry space for those who are attending. It also has to do everything it can to bring emerging mission leaders into the centre of what is happening and encourage local delegates to attend. Using the Nairobi consultation as an example, the provisions made for the delegates cost:

£130.00 for 4 full days food and overnight accommodation for one delegate.

£77.00 for an emerging mission leader to travel from his/her East African locality to the consultation.

£30.00 for a local Kenyan delegate to attend for 1 day.

Will you help us to provide all that is necessary to continue delivering successful consultations this year? Your support will be spent entirely in providing the creation of these opportunities and we will, of course, be reporting back on successes.

Please support us by clicking the donate button on the top of this page and follow the instructions. You can also leave a message of encouragement for those who attend future consultations.

In doing this, you will be partnering with us in the development of the ministry and you can also receive updates and encouragements through our newsletter, Missionet.

Thank you for your support and we pray that God will bless you in your service to the Lord.