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New Bishop with Faith2Share History

The Rev Steve Maina – the Kenyan-born and raised director of the New Zealand Church Missionary Society and original Faith2Share trustee – has been elected as the next Bishop of Nelson.

The Archbishop today announced that Steve, who has served as the NZCMS leader for the past 10 years, and who was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church in Kenya in 2004 – has been elected as the 11th Bishop of Nelson.

In a short statement issued this afternoon, the three archbishops drew attention to Steve's track record in Aotearoa New Zealand:

"Steve brings a proven mission focus to all aspects of his ministry and is widely respected for his energetic and innovative proclamation of the Gospel".

"His leadership of NZCMS has revitalized its response to the sending of mission partners around the world, dramatically increased the numbers serving overseas, and involved a significant number of young people in mission initiatives".

"We look forward to sharing with Steve in the leadership of our Church at a time when the challenges of presenting the Gospel in word and action require creative responses, alongside confidence in the enduring and simple Gospel message of God’s love for all people made known in Jesus Christ".

"Steve brings both a pastoral heart and a clear-thinking strategic approach to all that he does".

Please Pray for Steve in this key ministry.