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National Mission Commission of Nepal

About the National Mission Commission of Nepal

The National Mission Commission of Nepal (NMCN) is a national Christian indigenous, interdenominational and non-profitable social organisation. It was established in 2001 by Ram Prasad Shrestha under the National Churches Fellowship of Nepal (NCFN) as a wing and became independent in 2011. NMCN mobilizes local Nepali Christians to plant churches in the unreached areas of Nepal and sends cross-cultural missionaries to other parts of the Himalayan Region (Bhutan, India and the Tibetan Border).

Mobilising local Churches to help plant at least one church in every unreached area of Nepal by sending Cross-cultural Missionaries to Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibetan border and beyond.

The purpose of the National NMCN is to glorify God by uniting the churches of Nepal to be one force in fulfilling the Great Commission by teaching and equipping body of Christ to be missionaries through holistic approach.

The objectives of NMCN are to:

    • Organise vocational training to empower society to sustain the community.
    • Send missionaries to plant churches by equipping them.
    • Equip churches through public awareness programs to get involved in social work.
    • Provide biblical training to churches and para-church organisations to bring spiritual renewal and revival.
    • Send national and international volunteers to get involved in social transformation activities.
    • Play a leading role in bringing unification and collaboration among churches and para-church organisation.
    • Partner with like-minded national and international agencies,
    • Initiate any other social work as need arises.
    • Ministries

NMCN is committed to facilitate and organise various training to educate and equip churches and individuals through:

    • Training
    • Sending
    • Networking
    • Slum Children School
    • Prison Ministry