Global discipleship for a changing world

Mekane Yesus International Missionary Society

The Mekane Yesus International Missionary Society (MYIMS) was established in 2008 as a mission movement linked with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY).

MYIMS is committed to:

sending missionaries to the unreached world

imparting a mission vision throughout every level of the EECMY.

MYIMS missionaries are currently working in a number of African countries, South Asia, the Middle East and Guyana.

God Speaks Even When We Sleep!

Michael’s calling came in 2012 when he accompanied his youth team to Provincial Youth and Children’s ministry conference in Botswana. One of the children’s ministry teachers was giving a report on how they were doing in Zimbabwe. This captured Michael’s heart and he often felt troubled at night as he heard a voice in his room asking him what he had done to spread the gospel. Even after he went back home, the voice kept coming back to him, especially...

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​God's moving people

"When the Chinese come to my country in Africa we see them as 'thieves' coming to steal or jobs and our natural resources, but that is not how God sees them", commented one of the African delegates as the Faith2Share Leadership Consultation this week. During a session focused on the significance of China for mission today conversation moved rapidly to the ways in which migration opens up new opportunities for faith-sharing. We do not need to go to China to...

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