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Mekane Yesus International Missionary Society

The Mekane Yesus International Missionary Society (MYIMS) was established in 2008 as a mission movement linked with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY).

MYIMS is committed to:

sending missionaries to the unreached world

imparting a mission vision throughout every level of the EECMY.

MYIMS missionaries are currently working in a number of African countries, South Asia, the Middle East and Guyana.

SOMA Missions in Tanzania

SOMA UK is in the middle of a mission to the Southern Zone Dioceses of Tanzania: Masisi, Nwala and Mtwara (29 May - 21 June), and about to start another mission in Tabora, Tanzania (18-25 June). Pray for the teams, that they will work well together and be alert to all the Lord has for them to share; and for the conference delegates to have open ears and hearts. Pray too for the intercessors for both these missions.

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Mission to Maasai Land, Kenya

Please pray for the SOMA mission to Maasai Land, Kenya from 2-15 May 2019: for safety in travel, for unity and good team relationships, and for open and receptive hearts in the delegates.

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