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Mahanaim Ministries


Mahanaim Ministries (meaning "two camps or army of God" in Hebrew) is an indigenous Indian organisation, started in the year 2000 and working in more than 70 mission fields in Tamilnadu, Telungana, Kerala, Rajastan and other states of India.

Our vision:

One church for every locality.

One soul winning training centre for every district

One witnessing group for every educational institution.

Our mission

Mahanaim Ministries is committed to pioneer, teach and train both the tentmakers and career missionaries to reach the unreached, to prepare the followers of Christ to make ready to meet the Lord with perfectness, training the untrained career missionaries and tentmakers to win the unreached groups and areas.

To see a slide show about Mahanaim Ministries please open this file.

Our ministries

Church planting and shepherding

Teaching and training

Creative ministries among children, youth and women

Campus ministries

Media ministries

Pastoral and young leaders' fellowship

Outreach and Community development programmes

40 Days of Prayer for Nepal

Please pray for the 40 days of Global Prayer Campaign for the prosperity, good governance and freedom of Nepal, organised by the Christian community of Nepal and which is taking place at the moment: 11 Aptil - 20 May 2018

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Synergy in north-east India

Synergy, strategy and transformation were the main themes for a consultation of 26 mission agencies in Shillong, India, last month. Delegates gave thanks for the significant numbers of Christians in north-east India as well as the churches involved in missions. "We realise that God has given us a great responsibility to raise many Christian leaders from the north-east," writes Faith2Share Asia Coordinator Vijay Isaac, "who will stand for Christian values, Christian unity, Christian living and Christian giving and we commit...

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