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Mahanaim Ministries


Mahanaim Ministries (meaning "two camps or army of God" in Hebrew) is an indigenous Indian organisation, started in the year 2000 and working in more than 70 mission fields in Tamilnadu, Telungana, Kerala and other states of India.

Our vision:

One church for every locality.

One soul winning training centre for every district

One witnessing group for every educational institution.

Our mission

Mahanaim Ministries is committed to pioneer, teach and train both the tent makers and career missionaries to reach the unreached, to prepare the followers of Christ to make ready to meet the Lord with perfectness, training the untrained career missionaries and tent makers to win the unreached groups and areas.

To see a slide show about Mahanaim Ministries please open this file.

Our ministries

Church planting and shepherding

Teaching and training

Creative ministries among children, youth and women

Campus ministries

Media ministries

Pastoral and young leaders fellowship

Outreach and Community development programmes

AsiaCMS is looking for a new CEO

AsiaCMS is looking for a new CEO – someone who is passionate about mission, energetic and who will bring an exciting new vision. Pray that God’s person will be found and that they will be in place before the end of the year.

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40 Days of Prayer for Nepal

Vision Network Nepal have launched 40 Days of Prayer from 26 April to 4 June 2017 inviting people to unite in prayer for the Restoration of Peace, Prosperity, Good Governance, Unity and Revival for Nepal. Certain days have a particular focus: Sunday 21 May – United Women’s Prayer; Saturday 27 May – Global Outreach Day; Sunday 28 May – United Mountain Prayer; Sunday 4 June – Closing of 40 days of prayer & Global Day of Prayer.

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