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Lifeway Mission International

About Lifeway Mission International

Lifeway Mission International is a non-denominational indigenous mission agency working with churches, organizations and Christian ministries reaching out to the unreached people groups, serving the persecuted believers and training Christian leaders in East and Horn of Africa countries with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

The main areas of concern for Lifeway Mission are:

    • Disciple Making / Church Planting
    • Serving the persecuted believers
    • Leadership development and Training
    • Social-economic development projects.

To reach all least reached people groups and serve the persecuted believers by planting churches and disciple them for Christ.

Ministry Results
As we remain obedient in fulfilling the Great Commission God has continued to surprise us by bringing thousands of people to Himself. Our greatest joy is to see Disciples made, Leaders raised and Churches planted for God’s glory.

Since 2005, we have:
    • Planted over 4,500 Churches
    • Made over 47,000 Disciples
    • Baptised over 23,000 believers
    • This has been achieved through hosting over 4,300 Discovery Bible Study groups and training over 26,900 leaders.

Ethnic tensions in Gambella, Ethiopia

Ethnic tensions in Gambella, Ethiopia are running high at the moment which creates huge problems for St Frumentius’ Theological College which is multi-ethnic. Nuer students have been asked to remain with their families outside Gambella town this week as it is not safe for them to attend. Please pray for peace to be restored and for the church to be a faithful witness. Pray too for Chris and Suzy Wilson (CMS) and other staff, as well as the...

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Outreach in Burundi

Please pray for the annual summer campaign in Burundi – outreach undertaken by Harvest Initiatives over the next couple of weeks (4-18 August). 600+ evangelists are being sent out across the country and the anticipation is that many, many people will encounter Jesus and choose to follow him, as has happened over the past twelve years. Pray for boldness, sensitivity, good health, anointing, unity, holiness and protection for those being sent out.

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