Global discipleship for a changing world


The vision of AFM is to plant biblically-based, indigenous churches where 'the church is not', among the 2 billion people and 6,000+ unreached people groups still waiting to hear the Gospel for the very first time.

Partnering with members of the world-wide Anglican Communion and other Christians who live near or among unreached peoples, AFM equips and sends short-term, mid-term, and long-term missionaries. AFM missionaries adopt the ways of indigenous cultures and embrace mutually beneficial collaborative relationships to spread the Gospel.

You can watch a short introduction to AFM by founding director Canon Tad de Bordenave here

Mission Field
The unseen 1/4th of the world's population living in Asia, The Middle East, and Africa—the 25% of the world with no geographical and/or cultural access to church.

Our Values

Prayerful: We fervently look to the Lord in prayer for our discernment, direction, and decisions
Indigenous: We respect and appropriately adopt the ways of indigenous cultures

Collaborative: We value mutually beneficial collaboration among Christians in the Global North and Global South for achieving our mission

Strategic: We apply the strategy coordinator model to church planting among unreached people groups
Transparent: We will speak the truth in love and avoid gossip, manipulation, and slander as we communicate with our workers, supporters and unreached people groups

Evaluative: We will evaluate our personnel, policies, and practices for God’s glory

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Telephone Number: +1 804 355 8468

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Compassion for the Rohingya

In recent months hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled Myanmar seeking refuge in Bangladesh. Facing a huge challenge, NGOs and the government of Bangladesh are struggling to help the refugees survive in extremely difficult conditions. A Faith2Share contact in Bangladesh has sent word that God has enabled them to assist some 1,200 Rohingya families. Please pray for the Rohingya and those seeking to offer them support and compassion.Image: Tasnim News Agency

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Salvation Through An Asian Tea Shop

H* was born in an Orthodox Muslim family in South Asia, writes the Faith2Share contact there. He followed the customs and rituals of Islam but his mind was not at peace. He admitted to having a bad character which made him concerned about what would happen to him after death. At times he drank and smoked to drown out his worries. One day H* was given a book by a young man he met in a tea stall....

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