Global discipleship for a changing world
  • A Borehole and a breakthrough

    A mission leader with Faith2Share member NAMS network recently wrote a remarkable report about their ministry in India, combining compassionate... Read More >>>

  • A Bright Light and A Little Girl

    R* lives in a rural village in northern India, where he runs a small shop. He wanted to know the one, true God. He went to many temples, mosques... Read More >>>

  • Shouting for Joy

    Aaiza's* husband was in a rage. He held her up against the wall and pressed a knife into her throat. Afterwards she realised she couldn’t speak... Read More >>>

  • Restoring Fatherhood in Rwanda

    Many Rwandans are still suffering from the legacy of the genocide with widespread trauma, depression and a large number of widows and orphans.... Read More >>>

Resources for Discipleship and Disciple-Making

Discipleship resources

  1. Whole-life Discipleship - Faith2Share consultation handbook
  2. Discipulado de vide entera - Manual de Faith2Share para la jornada
  3. Discipleship in East Asia - resource from OMF
  4. Intentional Discipleship and Disciple-Making (English version)
  5. Intentional Discipleship and Disciple-making (Spanish version)
  6. How 'Honour & Shame' helps us focus on discipleship rather than conversion (Jackson Wu)
  7. Mission Spirituality and Authentic Discipleship - Regnum Series Book
  8. Truth and Community Transformation - published by the Food for the Hungry International
  9. The Forest in the Seed - by Scott Allen and Darrow Miller
  10. Against all Hope: Hope for Africa by Darrow Miller
  11. LifeWork: Biblical Theology of Vocation by Darrow Miller
  12. Footings for Children by Dwight Vogt and Karen Jacobsen
  13. Parting the Waters: Life, Death and Liminality