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  • A Borehole and a breakthrough

    A mission leader with Faith2Share member NAMS network recently wrote a remarkable report about their ministry in India, combining compassionate... Read More >>>

  • A Bright Light and A Little Girl

    R* lives in a rural village in northern India, where he runs a small shop. He wanted to know the one, true God. He went to many temples, mosques... Read More >>>

  • Shouting for Joy

    Aaiza's* husband was in a rage. He held her up against the wall and pressed a knife into her throat. Afterwards she realised she couldn’t speak... Read More >>>

  • Restoring Fatherhood in Rwanda

    Many Rwandans are still suffering from the legacy of the genocide with widespread trauma, depression and a large number of widows and orphans.... Read More >>>

Resources on Mission Collaboration and Partnership


  1. Well Connected by Phill Butler
  2. Is our collaboration for the Kingdom effective? (Evaluating collaboration) by Phill Butler
  3. Experiencing Partnering Workbook
  4. Koinonia: The DNA of 'gospel partnership' by Joel Christenson
  5. What does the Bible say about partnership? by Phil Arendt
  6. What is collaboration by Stan Rowland
  7. The Starfish and the Spider - book summary
  8. Pocket guide to partnerships by VisionSynergy
  9. Partnership Evaluation and Reporting (Phill Butler)
  10. Determining and Developing Core Values by Bill Sunderland