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Manna Mission Objectives

  1. To start residential formal and non-formal schools.
  2. To start charitable clinics and to organize health check-up camps.
  3. To have child care programmes and to start orphanage and day-care centers.
  4. To aid and support deserving and/or socially or physically handicapped individuals whenever and wherever necessary financially or otherwise.
  5. To do holistic ministry for sustainable social development and to extend natural disaster relief.
  6. To reach the unreached with the gospel of Christ.
  7. To have skill training programme for the unemployed youth and equip the poor with capacity building.
  8. To have theological training programme.
  9. To publish books, tracts and periodicals.
  10. To conduct and /or participate in seminars, consultations, conferences, research and training programmes, audio-visual and mass media services.


In the years 1970s and 1980s hundreds of people in West Bengal came to know and became followers of Jesus Christ. Some of these indigenous Christian leaders started “Hooghly Sodepur Christian Fellowship Society” in 1996 under the leadership of Tushar Manna to encourage and teach and train the local believers and to see transformational development in West Bengal. Later they changed the name to “MANNA MISSION”. Manna Mission is registered with the Society Registration in West Bengal and FCRA Registered with Government of India.

Where we work

Our major focus is on the 14 districts of West Bengal: Malda, North Parganas, South Parganas, East Midnapur, West Midnapur, Hooghly, Mursidabad, Kochbihar, Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, South Dinajpur, North Dinajpur, Alipurduar, and Nadia

More information about our Flood Relief Ministry here and our Health Check Up Camps here

Manna Mission Programmes

Children Education and Development Centers (CEDC)

Manna Mission is rendering service to the welfare of the orphan, poor, neglected, marginalized, underprivileged and downtrodden children. It’s shocking to know many of these children do not have proper food, clothes, room and bed to sleep. Our children education and development centers are playing a significant role in preventing these precious boys and girls from child labour and from the trap of human trafficking. Parents are happy that we are helping their children in the field of education and building them up for better future.Through CEDC we not only touch the child’s life but we are also able to reach their parents, family and community. We were able to start 10 CEDCs in Kochbihar, 10 in Mursidabad, 2 in West Midnapore, 3 in North Parganas, 3 in Malda, 2 in Jalpaiguri, 1 in Darjeeling and 3 in South Dinajpur districts. Total 1500 children are enrolled in these 30 centers. Every year we target to start 10 CEDCs in West Bengal. Through CEDCs we are also able to reach out to Muslim families. We were able to start 5 CEDCs for the 150 poor Muslim children. Our vision is to have at least 10 CEDCs in each districts of West Bengal.

Manna Mission Institute (Diploma in Biblical and Mission Studies)

Biblical and Mission Studies for the indigenous ministry workers, village pastors, evangelists and women leaders is one of the major needs of the hour in West Bengal. Since the churches are growing all over it is necessary that the village pastors and ministry leaders are equipped with the Word of God. To overcome the language barrier we do the training in Bengali. To learn God’s word is the goal of this training. It helps the trainees for their own transformation and prepares them for successful strategic ministry. The participants find God’s will, his direction, encouragement, inspiration and knowledge as they read the Bible and as we go through the whole Bible. At present we are running this course in two locations in West Bengal in rented house. 150 hours classroom teaching and 150 hours home work is done during the two years Diploma course. All the trainees are involved in the ministry.


Seminar and Conferences include Discipleship Conference, Leadership Development Seminar, Vision Development Seminar, Village Church Pastors and Leaders’ conference, Training for Children Ministry, Church Development Seminar and MBB Leaders Seminar.

  • Native Pastors Conference: 3 days for 100 participants
  • Leadership Seminar: 2 days for 20 participants
  • Discipleship Conference: 3 days for 100 participants
  • Training for Children Ministry: 3 days for 30 participants
  • Vision Development Seminar: 2 days for 20 participants
  • MBB Leaders Seminar: 2 days for 15 participants
  • CHE Training: 5 daysfor 20 participants

Community Health Education (CHE)

Community Health Education (CHE) is a good model for integrating evangelism, discipleship and community transformation. CHE is a multifaceted approach that addresses the needs of the whole person- physical, spiritual, emotional, and social. Pray for our 20 CHE trained workers as they are reaching out to the communities with CHE strategy and as we plan to conduct CHE training in every district of West Bengal and conduct TOT-1 and TOT-2 for the Master Trainers.

Ministry to Muslims

We deeply felt that 24.6 million Muslim neighbors (27% of WB population) have been quite neglected from the Christian ministry in the past. After much prayer and dialogue with some of the key MMBs we are inspired by God to work together for the ministry among the Muslim neighbors in all the districts of West Bengal. Our goal is to reach as many as possible Muslim neighbors including the children, to encourage the MMBs and to uplift the fellowships that are in need of proper training, leadership development and empowerment. Pray for our Children Education and Development Centers among the poor and neglected Muslim children.

Microenterprises for Income Generation

Since we are working among the underprivileged people and among the poor children we come across many families who expect assistance from us for their socio-economic development and for their children’s education. To help some of these poor families for income generation we have taken up “SMALL BUSINESS PROJECTS” with one time seed money. We find out their interest area, if any skills, whether they are willing to do hard work etc. They have to refund 50% of the seed money so that we can give it to other needy families. Small businesses have been established like Goat Rearing, Duck Rearing, Women Dress and Clothes Business, Grocery Shop, Tailoring, Tea and Coffee Shop, Stationery Shop, Vegetable shop, Computer Training Center and similar small businesses.

Charity to the Neighbours

Manna Mission renders services to the people in need in our neighbourhood as well as in the ministry fields. We could provide help to some families to repair and rebuild their house that was destroyed by cyclone and heavy rain. We buy materials such as tins and send it to the families to make the sheds for their house. We also distribute food grains, clothes, blankets and gift items for the poor families, homeless people, widows and for the orphan children.

Special Projects:

  • Submersion/Tube well for Clean Drinking Water
  • Flood/Cyclone Relief
  • Make Toilet/Bathroom for poor families
  • Health Check up camps
  • Sponsor a College Student
  • Help the Homeless Children
  • Help the Poor Widow

WEA General Assembly

Please pray for the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) General Assembly taking place 7-13 November 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the theme of "Your Kingdom come".

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