Global discipleship for a changing world



Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA) works for the transformation of individuals and churches and the healing of communities and their lands through the renewing power of the Holy Spirit.

SOMA has a specific prophetic call ‘to care for the nervous system of the Body of Christ’ – the prophetic word given to a gathering of bishops and others at a meeting adjacent to the 1978 Lambeth Conference. Its vision is embodied in the term ‘Renewal for Mission’; seeking Renewal of the Anglican Church worldwide and seeing dioceses thus renewed becoming centres of transformational Mission.

This Call will continue to draw SOMA to minister in areas of conflict and dysfunctional relationship; of disunity; of ethnic, tribal and racial tension; of brokenness and distress.

SOMA UK is an Anglican-focused mission agency that sends around 12 short-term Team Missions each year across the Anglican Communion, mainly to countries on the African and Indian continents. Recent missions include to South Sudan, DR Congo, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Australia, New Zealand, Southern Africa, South and North India, and Indonesia.