Global discipleship for a changing world

SAMS Ireland

“Aspiring to be a praying, serving, affirming, listening, partnering and transforming mission agency”

“Christian mission is about being inside out and upside down! It is about change and transformation. It turns individuals and communities inside out. It is about people in every nation discovering and living by the upside down values and priorities of God’s Kingdom.” - Bishop Ken Clarke (SAMS Mission Director)

About SAMS Ireland
SAMS is committed to working in partnership with churches in the UK, Ireland, Iberia and South America. The history of SAMS can be traced back to the mid 19th century. In the 21st century we passionately believe that the message in mission remains relevant even if a secular and pluralist worldview has become more prominent. We are enthused and thankful for the emerging opportunities and possibilities.

To resource churches and communities.


    • Establish new working models in mission
    • Facilitate training opportunities
    • Support projects through partnership

God calls and sends us into our communities to participate in His mission. It demands identification without loss of identity: mission goes beyond our comfort zones and enters other people’s stories, as Christ entered ours.


SAMS seeks to resource churches and communities through three programmes:

Listo: Resourcing local churches through talks, workshops, seminars, skills assessment programmes and more.

FUSION: Offers placements to people from South America within a church setting in the UK and Ireland.

Beyond The Norm: Enables individuals and churches from UK and Ireland to visit and participate in church community in South America.