Global discipleship for a changing world

MSF International

MSFI is a network of like minded leaders who come together for one great cause which is to share the love of Christ. We are mostly working in North Indian States sharing the love of Christ with those who have still not tasted it and our vision is to see that godly leadership develops in these states which are spiritually affected due to the lack of strong leadership.

In our endeavor to achieve this we conduct leadership and discipleship training programmes and our network meetings are seen as platforms and opportunities by young and growing leaders.

The main essence of MSFI’s existence is to be a catalyst in areas of work.

Through the years we have been able to develop a strong network of more than 200 Leaders with different capacities in their organisations in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi.

We strongly believe that it is wonderful and pleasant when brothers live together in harmony! (Psalm 133:1). So it is our goal to see that this verse is lived by our network members. Also when the task is taken up by everyone together it can most likely be achieved rather than a single leader or an organisation trying to achieve it.


1.Network and Prayer meetings

2.Resource development

3.Resource Sharing

4.Leadership Training

5.Discipleship Training

6.Implementation of Growth Strategies

7.Regulatory Compliance Training

Renewing our Partnership with Myanmar

As part of its mission to support leadership development, Faith2Share recently provided a small grant for Hung Ling and his daughter Lisa from Myanmar to attend the Church Multiplication Connection conference held in Singapore in January 2024. The event, organized by the Centre for Global Missions in Singapore brought together church planters, scholars, and Christians from across Asia. The conference allowed attendees to learn from the experiences of church multiplication efforts in various contexts in countries such as Thailand and...

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Regional Fellowship Fuels India's Mission Movements

Faith2Share recently hosted a virtual Regional Fellowship Meeting to engage with and support Indian members facing challenging times, including upcoming national elections. This gathering exemplifies our commitment to facilitating collaboration that advances the Christian faith by resourcing mission agencies worldwide. The meeting convened leading church and ministry leaders from across India's diverse regions. Despite growing government restrictions, resource shortages, and funding difficulties, the representatives celebrated encouraging stories of successful mission outreach and evangelistism, including bringing new believers to the faith. These...

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